What’s Trending This Year(2016) in the Web World

What’s Trending This Year in the Web World

We are almost over with the first month of the New Year. It’s time to review of the past year and to adapt to the new trends that have set in the world of web designing. It is an important exercise to keep a tab on what’s the in thing and what’s not, for various reasons. Firstly it keeps you from committing the fallacy of not-being-updated. Secondly, knowing and keeping up to the new trends aids in exploring new ideas, techniques and solutions that is required to make yourself a good designer. Here are a few predictions of the trends that are going to set in this year.

The Necessity, the Mobile Phone

Another great influence for a web design is the mobile design. After the mobile phones taking over, there has been interactive design has seen a rapid progress assimilating online experiences effortlessly across all platforms. And this progress has taken place in various ways, of which simple and complex designs have been gaining popularity. Be it the Kitkat or the Lollipop or the recent Marshmallow, the interface as well as the design approach has to be appealing. It’s a transition that we see of web experiences being perceptive from desktop to mobile.

A Step Forward From the Large Hero

It is quiet common to see a huge web banner with huge image either on the front or the center. Remember an Uber or an Apple. The point here to contemplate is why the images are allowed to be dominant and be effective to the web page. Their purpose is to either communicate the mood/tone or give the visitors a slight peek into the company’s values. There are very thin chances of giving up on the idea of the dominating image, but only a few realize that it is the most common thing to do. So also the emphasis on typography also does matter, original graphic elements, photo grids, or even bold use of colors and white space to increase in popularity as designers continue creates a new way of expressing mood and voice.

Even if the dominant image is what you would wish to rule your design than it would be advisable to use a custom imagery. It is not very surprising or uncommon to see that two different clients of the same industry using a similar image or similar looking image. Hence, being a little unique is not a bad thing at all.

Seamless URL Modifications

Now, this is a trend that is really exciting and different. Take a visitor for instance who is seamless and easy to plunge. NBC News is exemplary in this context. These visitors do not realize of how they have been surfing from one page to another effortlessly. For a fact the need for pages is not required if the content is unique, interactive and above all gripping.

So here is my review and predictions, you are welcome to share yours.

Happy Designing!

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