Web Designer is doing Charity :)

Charity is something fantastic I want to do and I feel that I will enjoy every moment of it. Helping with anything from Social Media and SEO to full-on web design and development, I hope working for charities for public good basis will be fantastic experience.

I was always been like helping everyone with carrying my optimising nature so I have decided that looking for charities of any shape or size who may need my help for a day. It could be something as simple as how to communicate on your Twitter page, or an underlying problem with your existing website that you’ve always wanted fixed, but never had the time or budget to get around to doing.

If you work for a charity, then please get in touch. I am looking to book upcoming Fridays with various organisations, so there are 12 spots available and I am sure they will fill up pretty quickly so don’t dilly-dally, get in touch!

Chirag Tarkar

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