Outstanding Response to Responsive Web Design

Ethan Marcotte in the year 2011 coined the word ‘Responsive Web Design’ for easy change in web designs and for flexible site foundations and layouts. The demand for this arose due to the developing device and gadgets of various sizes.

Outstanding Response to Responsive Web Design

The web is not limited to any device it could be accessed to from anywhere in the world whether it is through a phone or a video game console, it fits the need of every single device as far it has a static layout. Imagine if the same was to be applied on an auto design, designing a car that is small, efficient, cost-effective, great for commuting, racetrack ready, equipped for off-roading with a family, suitable for anybody in any situation.

Luckily, web designing doesn’t deal with many physical demands. It can be created that is convenient and user friendly face to face, a platform that changes dynamically for each user.

Further more the advantage that Responsive Design holds is that it can re-prioritize content and create a user experience that is more effective. However, re-prioritizing content is not only concerned to resizing the content but to fit it into an appropriate screen size. So also, in some cases, there is a need of increasing the specific buttons and areas of text content. Strategic choices can be made as elements shift and reposition themselves, this makes the content more effective. For instance, emphasing on the contact info and social media, it would be effective and beneficial for a smart phone browser as they are often the most social media savvy.

Whereas with most mobile devices, purging an entire section of content may be appropriate.
For example, “Myntra” totally migrated to mobile app e-commerce, other indian e-commerce did the same thing with their mobile version. They are building mobile ultimate friendly experience for their customers(Online Shopping Experience which is good with smaller screens).
why does it really matter?

As it is said that when it comes to smart phones, mobile browsing responsive design is nothing be bounded with. Because with smart phones, the user can simply pinch, reverse pinch, and swipe their way through a site, hence every site is transformed into the way the user wants it to be, tap and done for any search of the desired content. Unfortunately,not every site has the “contact us” and “read more” buttons smartly marked with red and white stripes.

If the aim of every site is to present a suitable content to targeted users in an innate way, then there is nothing best than utilizing the power of responsive design.

If you are looking for to utilize you website in proper responsive way. Do let me know.

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