Managing Website Project (Concept of Problem Predictions)


Creating a website is not a small getaway; it is much more there than what it seems. Finding the right designer and content writer who understand your needs and taste is the first task, second is to get the website ready within your budget is another obstacle. But once the decision of investing in the recreation is made then there is no looking back. And when all this is sorted then you are ready to go; now it is time to get started and get going.

The success of the project mainly depends on the planning and the team, be it an internal project or has an agency partner; your plan has to be critical.

Because it is never too late to succeed

First thing first is to put together the information of the assets to build your new website. But this is just not it as different projects vary when it comes to their needs. Let’s just get you thinking forward.

The talented team for Web Design Projects

The most important asset is your team, actually the biggest asset. The formation, the responsibility of the team it all depends on the size of your company. Below are a few responsibilities and roles to consider while selecting a team for your website creation.


  • Ownership
    The leader who is the decision maker, the main point of contact for reporting and coordinating with the upper management. A person who would be dealing while dealing with the agency
  • Content
    The life lies in the words, an individual who adds life to your web design with their words. The content writer gathers all the content into one place or writing the content
  • Analytics
    When and old website is redone there is an analytic who takes the responsibility of the launch of the new site, usually means scrapping old content and pages. Someone who analyses the impact of segregating the pages from an SEO perspective. So also, being able to measure your current impact compared to your impact after the website launch will be vital in understanding the response received
  • Design
    The designer looks into the creative aspect of giving the look and feel for along with a better user experience and graphics for the site
  • Development
    The person who builds and handles document and tracks the technical functionality and features of the new site
  • Hosting
    A team who has an access and host your site. They for handle the new build, website speed and security, which will be the key to the project’s success


Brand guidelines for Web Design Projects

This is important to give your brand a consistency when producing content and designing the website. If there are no branding guidelines, then atleast the company has to list down look and feel of the website right at the beginning. This is beneficial so that deliverables have a consistent look and feel. Here are several guidelines for brand guidelines:


  • Typography
    The font type that is to be used and whether the licensing is required or not
  • Images
    The team who looks into the matter like the treatment of the images, the look and feel of the of the design
  • Illustrations + Iconography
    The look and feel of the illustrations or icons
  • Messaging
    The tone of the language is maintained by the content team while writing
  • Brand Colors
    The colors play a major role in enhancing the look of the website

The team is the backbone of the success of the project at the. Whether if your servicing and marketing team will partner with the agency or that an internal team will take this on entirely, it all depends on the delivery, the end result. Every project is different and each client has different requirements. We hope these basics will make the process smooth between your marketing team.

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