▶ Agencies in Ahmedabad, Do you use freelance web designers? ◀

I have been chatting to some of my regular agencies about their use of freelancers, and if they tell their end client that they employ freelancers to work on projects with them. I am curious as to how many agencies out there are happy to use freelancers to take on extra or overflow work, and if so, are you open with your clients about it?

I think most agencies use the term of ‘digital consultant’ when referring to me and what I did on their projects, it makes things sound much more professional than ‘a freelancer’ – but it amounts to the same thing.

Chatting to an account director friend of mine, we decided that on the whole, there are more pros than cons of using a good freelancer for your work – but what do you think? Please leave your comments below as I would be interested to know.

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