There may be thousands of tips, hints and rules when its about selling things online. If you planning a trip to world of e-commerce with your existing or new product, the biggest trouble you can fall into is assuming that your site goes live and everything will happen by its own. You actually have to put some efforts to do that. I will let you know in my today’s post.

Its like a physical store, people need to know that you exist somewhere in this wired world. For example if you have a shop in some off corner of Alpha Mall then chances of customers passes away without watching you is so much. Just like that if you dont nurture your online store with Social media or you dont optimise your store for Search Engines. There will not be a sell of a penny.

Here are few tips for you to get the idea of what I am saying:

Get Social.
This is the most simple one. Start using social media. You dont need any fancy degree, you dont need any great qualifications, just get on your laptop and start chatting about your product. I find the best way to do this is to be yourself. Dont try to sell to people, just tweet or post about the everyday stuff. Chat people. Engage with your audience. If you are selling sunglasses for instance, then start to follow brands that you aspire to be like. Don’t try to ram your product down people’s throats, but use social media as a tool to get some dialog going.

Make the most of your SEO.
SEO is a whole other subject, but make sure you are doing the sensible things. If you don’t know much about SEO, hire someone like me (or one of my friends in the industry) to give your site an SEO M.O.T. – we’ll be able to advise you on a whole host of things that may be keeping your site from the first page of Google.

Share for Discounts.
This is a great thing to do. Get your users to share their cart on social media for a discount at checkout. It is that simple. For every sale you get, you’ll end up with a few social likes and shares to encourage others to come see your site. It’s just simple.

Offer coupons.
Coupons are a great way to entice people to come to your store. If you are just launching, then an introductory 10% off coupon could be just the incentive people need to come to your site and see your collection.

Go Offline.
This is another simple one. Yes, it costs some money to do – but advertise in an offline medium. Find a niche magazine that would fit with what you do, and get yourself a small advert with a QR Code in there. Mix it in with a coupon to entice people in, and you will see a quick upturn in viewers on your site.

If you need to know more about doing online business. Feel free to contact me. Chirag Tarkar is here :)

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